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Nothing Without

Your Trust.

Aubrey Tower.
Aubrey Tower is the first Grand Shamaya service, every three floors of Aubrey Tower is equipped with Pocket Garden that is soothing for you to relax while enjoying the fresh air. 
Your quality time with family and colleagues would be more pleasant and delighted with 30 premium facilities of Grand Shamaya. You will be able to do various activities such as jogging in height, yoga with resort vibe, soaking in Heater Swimming Pool and sharing many entertaining facilities with nature atmosphere from Thematic Garden and beautiful panorama of Surabaya. 
In order to assist your digital communication, we present smart home system technology with fiber optic network. Furthermore, security system within Grand Shamaya is supported by high-tech and international standardized, such as Panic Button. 
In the term of the function, Panic Button facility aims to minimize the risk and becomes the initial protocol once you and your family are in urgent states. By pressing the Panic Button, the stuff would connect directly towards security team, building management, and clinic within Grand Shamaya. 

Tipe Unit Typical 

Grand Shamaya

1 Bedroom

A unit with singe bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, pantry, and balcony.

  • 1 BR Executive  (50,13 sqm)

  • 1 BR Deluxe A (49,66 sqm)

  • 1 BR Deluxe B (47,20 sqm)

  • 1 BR Deluxe C (48,48 sqm)

2 Bedroom

A unit with single bedroom, living room, dining room, pantry, and balcony.

  • 2 BR Suite (86,01 sqm)

  • 2 BR Corner Suite (86,99 sqm)

  • 2 BR Corner Suite (79,42 sqm)

3 Bedroom

A unit with three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, pantry, balcony, AC ledge, planter, vestibule, and private lift.

  • 3 BR Corner Royal Suite Private Lift (143,71 sqm)

  • 3 BR Corner Royal Suite Private Lift (143,13 sqm)

Introducing Special Unit Townhouse

Enjoy the extra serenity by staying in Grand Shamaya exclusive residence unit Townhouse. This unit is designed specifically with limited number, which is only 35 units located in the first to seven floor. This unit is equipped with 6 luxurious facilities that surely will be enjoyed for those who occupy within Townhouse only. 

Experience The 5Ds Privilege

Parking Space

It has parking lot facility in the same floor with the unit with ratio 1:1

Private Lobby

It has private lobby located in each floor within townhouse unit

Access Unit

To head to the unit, occupants could utilize Dedicated Parking Space without using elevator from the Ground Floor 

Access Facility

Occupants could head and enjoy F-Floor facility with easier and faster access

Direct Access Panoramic Elevator

This facility could be used to enjoy the beauty of Exotic Waterfall from closer view, townhouse occupants could use Panoramic Elevator facilty that is available in every Townhouse floor. 


A unit equipped with master bedroom, child bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, pantry, balcony, AC ledge, vestibule, and private lift. 

  • Private Deluxe Corner Suite 06 (74,76 sqm)

  • Private Deluxe Corner Suite 07 (74,81 sqm)

  • Private Deluxe Corner Suite 08 Private Lift (101,85 sqm)

  • Private Deluxe Corner Suite 09
    Private Lift
    (101,15 sqm)

  • Private Deluxe Corner Suite 10 (73,09 sqm)

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